VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of energetic healing and a path to awakening, guided by divine intelligence.


“Without any doubt VortexHealing is the most profound & significant event that I have experienced in this lifetime.”

-- Colin Snow, Tai Chi instructor. USA

“I have experienced every type of healing modality I am sure, all the yogas that you can think of, I have been to see the Dali Lama in Northern India, I have sat for hours in meditation, and have tried many Chinese medicines, but nothing comes even close to the profound and powerful transformational energy that is VortexHealing.”

-- Mahala Wall, yoga teacher & healer. England

“I love VortexHealing. It has transformed my life beyond recognition; I am infinitely blessed to be part of this lineage.”

-- Daisy Foss, author & retreat center owner. England

“In over ten years of intense exploration of a wide variety of amazing personal development tools, VortexHealing is quite simply the most profound and impactful transformational work I have ever encountered.”

-- Guy Jara, software engineer. USA

“VortexHealing transformed my life. After trying many healing modalities, it was the first one that gave me real freedom from childhood traumas and has continued to astound me as to the depth of change it can bring about in my life.”

-- Shiraya Adani, healer. South Africa.


Ric Weinman is the founder of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, which he re-discovered in a profound ‘vision’, November 26, 1994.

Ric grew up in Queens, New York. He went to Columbia University as an engineering student, and in his sophomore year he transferred into its liberal arts college, majoring in English and getting his BA in 1971. In his senior year, he experienced a deep emotional trauma, and when he graduated, he left the country to backpack around Europe and ‘find himself’. While traveling, he barely ate and got very far ‘out of body’, trying to escape his trauma. Yet in his ‘out there’ and starved state, although he lost a lot of his body mass, his nervous system transformed into a different state and he rediscovered his spiritual connection. As he began the slow journey back into his body, he took this new inner connection with him.

Ric lived ‘at the edge’ for many years, working odd jobs and day jobs, still barely eating, traveling a lot, but living mostly in Tucson, Arizona. During that time he did a lot of meditation and writing. Some of his short stories were published, with one ending up in a college-level creative writing textbook. He also published two books (Your Hands Can Heal, printed in seven languages, and Breaking the Illusion). It was in Tucson that his psychic abilities started to activate, and he began to practice healing. He studied Jin Shin Jyutsu®, craniosacral therapy, and practiced his own methods of working with energy, consciousness, and fascia. At one point he began to teach his own healing workshops, which became the basis of his first book, Your Hands Can Heal. At that time, he also started to connect inside to various expressions of Divinity. These connections became his main lifeline.

Ric took a short detour into a Masters program in Computer Science at the University of Arizona, attempting to move into a more secure, mainstream existence, but his heart wasn’t in it, so he left computer science and returned to his healing work.

Then, in November 1994, his path took a radical turn when, in a profound vision, he found himself standing in a huge interdimensional vortex, and the divine presence within that vortex re-activated his past-life connections to VortexHealing and the Merlin Lineage. People quickly noticed how powerful this healing art was, and they asked him to teach it. In September 1995, he taught the first VortexHealing® Basic/Foundational training, in Tucson.

Almost seven years later, meditating in a hotel room in Colorado, on vacation with his wife and young son, his core sense of ‘I’ suddenly disappeared. He had been moved into spiritual awakening by the divine Source of his lineage. This began a new phase for both his personal life and for VortexHealing. As his own awakening deepened, he realized he was being shown an awakening map that could be used to take VortexHealing students, step by step, through the same stages that he was being guided through. When the map seemed complete, he wrote Awakening Through the Veils: A Seeker’s Guide, to share the map with the general spiritual world, along with guidelines for making its journey.

At the time VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing was published, Ric was living with his wife and son in Massachusetts.

More Comments on VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

“VortexHealing made my life smoother. I am no longer an anxious person and a control freak. My family keeps telling me how hard it was to be with me when I was stressed. I am a much happier person now. I am relaxed and I have learned to enjoy every moment.”

-- Mir K., healer. Argentina

“With VortexHealing, my entire physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual systems have been transformed. It has become a path of awakening that calls me every day, and sometimes several times a day, to ‘come home’.”

-- Ariane G., Ed.D., creative career coach and writer. USA

“When I started with VortexHealing I wanted to use it as a healing art for my psychotherapy and coaching clients. I ended up going through a huge development within myself. VortexHealing put me, with both feet on the ground, in my body and in my essence. There is more light, space, and freedom in my life, and my understanding and perception are much clearer. I am very grateful for VortexHealing in my life.”

-- Micheline B., psychotherapist, life coach, and healing practitioner. Netherlands

“I didn’t believe stories about spirituality, healing and awakening until I experienced VortexHealing. What a blessing to find out that light, peace and inner space was a real option, also for me, even in the worst period of my life.”

-- Jolien S., healer, garden designer, photographer, and politician. Netherlands

“VortexHealing impacted my life as nothing before I had studied or practiced. For the first time, I found deep freedom within myself, and a lot of health and energy. Practicing VortexHealing taught me to surrender deep in life. The result is joy, love and abundance. It's a grace for me to share this with my clients in a full-time VortexHealing practice.”

-- Kristina M., psychologist, energy healing practitioner, and musician. Germany

“VortexHealing has changed my life to love, grace, joy and inner power. It's a permanent process like coming home. It is magical, surprising, fulfilling, and joyful. I’m deeply grateful. I'm in constant touch with the Divine - I had never experienced this before in such an intense way. There's a deep connection to myself, to other people, and to the whole universe. VortexHealing is the best thing that has happened to me in this life.”

-- Regina O., psychotherapist. Germany

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